About Gwen Ebner

Gwen Ebner teaches in the area of Family and Counseling. Her interest in personal growth has been fueled by her educational degrees in counseling, music therapy, and marriage & family services.

She enjoys speaking at conferences and seminars on issues of growth and wholeness. Gwen has a passion for encouraging others to grow - through their challenges and their successes. Hence, Personal-Growth-For-Me.com has emerged as another way to support others on this journey.

She is the mother of two grown daughters, Shelley and Stacey, and the grandmother of two beautiful grand daughters, Lauren and Allie! Her husband, Chet, is a wonderful encouragement to her in her growth and in her ministry pursuits.

She loves music, reading, walking, traveling to new places, spending time with her husband Chet, getting together with her daughters, her grand daughters (who call her "Grammie"), and other family members!

The real scoop on Gwen:

  • She has gone through an enormous amount of personal growth in the last 10 years brought on by a number of challenging circumstances.
  • She is a recovering adrenaline addict and workaholic.
  • She has traveled to Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Africa (Uganda & Tanzania) and Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Holland & Belgium), enjoying the different sights and cultures.
  • She has worked in a ministry setting, in a counseling setting, as a music therapist and teacher, and now is a professor.

I invite your questions and responses to this website.

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